In our previous article “Are Balloons Safe for the Environment?” we found out that balloons are biodegradable, yes, they decompose, which means they have to be stored and handled properly.

So how do we take care of balloons? Those inflated ones you’ve brought home from a party, they are hopeless. You can store them anywhere you want. A freezer though could make them last a bit longer, but who does that?

Those uninflated ones, those newly bought balloons needs special handling so that you can make the most out of its shelf life. As mentioned earlier, balloons are biodegradable, so if you just leave them lying around, expose to air, they easily decompose and break down. They change color and become brittle and in to time they will disintegrate.

So how to store them? They need to be placed in a cool, dark place. In a cabinet or closet away from direct sunlight, heat and air. Oxidation causes balloon to degrade, meaning exposure to air. If you place them in an airtight container, you minimize oxidation and get as much lifespan as possible.

So for your next balloon decoration project, be sure to keep those extra balloons in an airtight box and place them in a cool and dark place.

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