Balloon arc, balloon pillar, balloon sculpture, table centerpiece and cake arc among others, are just a few of the balloon decoration you can create for your party. But have you ever wonder how balloons are made or is it safe for the environment?

Many people have the notion that balloons are harmful because they are rubber and is harmful to the environment. But contrary to most belief, balloons are environmentally friendly.

Balloons are made from the sap of the rubber tree, the sap looks like milk. Once they are removed from the tree they are called latex. Yes, that’s where the name latex balloons come from.

The sap are collected without harming the tree, how friendly is that? What’s best? more trees has to be planted to collect more sap, which means more trees, more trees means good for the environment. The more there is a demand for balloons, the more there is a need for the rubber tree sap, the more they need to plant rubber trees.

Balloons are biodegradable and decompose similar to most plants decompose. This is why inflated balloons don’t last long. As soon as they are inflated and exposed to air, they start decomposing.

So next time you consider getting a balloon decoration for your party, think of it as helping the environment. The only danger a balloon can do is when using hydrogen for flying balloons. Well, that’s another topic to discuss.

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